Here it is the middle of May and now that the bi-annual fundraiser is over we are busy planning the 205th  birthday commemoration for Jefferson Davis, only President of the Confederate States of America. He was born June 3rd, 1808 and died December 6, 1889 at the age of 81.
Our speaker this year will be Jay Hinton, a longtime friend of the First White House. We will serve birthday cake and the White House Association ladies will “man” their rooms for brief tours afterwards for our guests.
If you go to our website you can see past JD birthday events as well as our birthday celebrations for Robert E. Lee held each January 19th.  Also, under “get involved” we now have our pay pal opportunities for folks to donate online.
Also, remember to check our facebook page “The First White House of the Confederacy for additonal information and pictures of the recent Winston Groom evening. Social media is a wonderful way to promote the First White House! Lets take full advantage of it.