So much happened that last week in May, 1862. McClellan took his army eight miles from Richmond and divided it on both sides of the Chickahominy river. General Jackson joined Richard Ewell in the Luray Valley of western Virginia. He was going to pressure Banks’ forces in the valley to prevent them from moving to Richmond to aid McClellan.
 McClellan calls for reinforcements. Jackson moves north. In the West, Federal gunboat begins shelling Vicksburg. Halleck leisurely  approaches Corinth, Miss. He has been moving south from Tennessee since  the battle of Shiloh on April 6th. 
On the 25th, the battle now known as the First Battle of Winchester takes place. Even though it is a Sunday, Jackson disregards his  habit of honoring the Sabbath and attacks. He is 50 miles from Washington. He is successful in distracting 40,000 Union troops that could otherwise have joined the Army of the Potomac at the door of Richmond.
Beauregard abandons Corinth. Union forces threaten Vicksburg. Lincoln tells McClellan to “either attack Richmond or give up the job and come back to the defense of Washington”. A very busy week for both Union and Confederate armies.