I am a big Jeopardy (quiz show) fan and I tape it every day and watch it at night.Today’s show one of the questions was ” Who lived at Beauvoir and wrote The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government”?

I thought “how easy, a slam dunk” but NOT. No one got it right! In fact, only one contestant even guessed, and he was wrong. The other two contestants were mute…not even a clue. HOW SAD. And how ignorant, these so called smart people are (after all they do have to take a test to qualify) are of this part of our nation’s history .

Well, that’s just another reason for all of us to continue to tell the story, because obviously they are not being taught the things we feel are important, in our schools. And oh, in case you didn’t know, the answer is, as we say at the First White House of the Confederacy, “Jefferson Davis”.