An historic marker has been placed at the site where the Confederate Government building once stood. It had been in the area before, but was removed when the new Renaissance Hotel and Civic Center were being built with the assurance that it would be put back after the construction was finished.

 Why is it controversial? Because it depicts the Confederate Battle flag on one side of it and the various flags and “great seal” of the Confederacy on the other side. Honestly, I thought we were “over that” but I guess there are always people who want to stir up issues.

Here is what I think: lets get past the “controversy” and let facts be facts. As General Napier said, “I don’t believe that you rewrite history. You take it as it is – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

I also like what Lee Sentell, Alabama Tourism Director said: “To me, history is more powerful when you feel like you are standing on a place that is hallowed ground to a certain segment of the population. History happened where it happened”.

Lets always remember, the War is over and we are once again one nation under God. That doesn’t happen with many countries, so the United States of America is unique in many, many ways. Lets celebrate our unity as well as be proud of our diversity.

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