We all love a good story don’t we? Here is one a friend shared about “the late unpleasantness” and I am very appreciative. I will omit names and places in retelling.

A certain man sat on a bluff overlooking the river, and he would shoot at the sailors on the Union gun boats that came by. The Union wanted to control the river as part of the blockade. This meant all the foodstuff and cattle provided to the CSA had to go inland to be shipped to the Armies. Thus it was important that the  nearby city remain free from yankee control, so commerce could continue. With this in mind, the city fathers worked out a deal. They would leave the gun boats alone if the Union troop did not occupy their town.

This meant however, the Union officers became really upset when the “old man on the bluff” would shoot the yankee sailors, so in retribution they would land and occupy the city for a few weeks, which of course upset the locals.

Finally the city fathers went to the family of the gentleman in question and asked that he refrain from shooting the yankees, as it was disrupting commerce and the shipping of supplies to Confederate Armies. So the old geezer pulled back, went downstream “a ways” past the town and blew up Union gun boats with mines!!!

But fortunately not near the “town” in question. Do you have a similar story from your family lore? If so, we would be pleased if you would publish a comment.