Did you know that Mrs. Jefferson Davis was an accomplished  Quilter? I suppose all the “Steel Magnolias” of her day learned to sew, but she seemed especially talented with her hands, as well as intellectually the equal of her famous husband. 

One can view her handiwork by clicking on this link:

http://www.moc.org/exhibitions/museum-confederacys-quilts?mode=general – This quilt is one of many  owned by the Museum of the Confederacy. It is a patchwork quilt of silk embroidery, 50-3/4″ x 52″, made  by  Mrs. Davis between 1870 and 1880 and donated to the Museum by her granddaughter, Varina Davis Hayes Webb.
 Embroidered on it are oak leaves, symbolic of the dignity of the Confederacy; ivy, donating the faithful, loyal binding together of a warrior people; the passion flower and bleeding heart, representing the suffering heroines of the Southern cause; and the olive donating a cause that was lost, but still held its victor’s crown of peace.
In the center is the butterfly, showing the soul of the Confederacy, beautiful and immortal. The shield is that of the Confederacy, and the flags are the Stars & Bars, the 2nd National and the Battle flag. It is truly an amazing work of art and puts into focus the love she had for her people and their lost but heroic cause.