I came across some interesting facts about Nicola Marschall, artist of the deep South and designer of the Confederate uniform and possibly the First Confederate flag. These were compiled by the Alabama Dept of Archives and History.
1. He was born into a wealthy family in Prussia in 1829
2. Moved to US in 1849
3. Became a member of the faculty at Marion Female seminary in Marion, Alabama
4. While teaching there he gave art lessons
5. He usually signed and dated his portraits with a steel pen at the bottom right-hand corner when the paint was still wet.
6. he served briefly as a draftsman under Lt. Col. Samuel Locket in the Confederate Army
7. He was one of only a few artists to have General Nathan Bedford Forrest sit for his portrait.
8. Following the Civil War, he moved to Louisville, Ky so he could find commissions to paint portraits.
9. In 1876 he won a medal from the International Exhibition in Philadelphia for his portrait work.
10. We have two of his paintings hanging in the Second Parlor at the First White House, one a self-portrait and the other of his wife.