Did you know:
That Jefferson Davis was born on a farm in Ky?

That he was the 10th and youngest child of Samuel Davis (1755-1824) who was a descendant of a Welsh family that had settled originally in New Jersey, and he was probably a cousin of Samuel Davies (1724-1761) who was President of Princeton?

That Samuel Davis, his father, was born in Georgia, was a captain of infantry in the American revolution, and subsequently a planter?

That his father married Jane Cook (1759-1844) of Scotch-Irish stock?

That they moved from Ky to La and still again to Wilkinson County, Miss?

About his West Point years:
That he entered the U.S. Military Academy in Sept. 1824 and graduated no. 23 in a class of 33, in July 1828?

That Albert Sidney Johnston was in a higher class during Davis’s cadetship?

And that Robert E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnston belonged to the next Junior class?

That he remained in the army seven years and served chiefly in Wisconsin, where a severe attach of pneumonia left him with a facial neuralgia that often incapacitated and sometimes blinded him?

That after 1831 he was never a man of robust health or of a normal nervous system?

More very interesting tidbits about this great man, to whom the South and indeed the Nation owe so much,  tomorrow.