Since we sell hand held fans (19th century looking) our own Henry Howard found the “Language of the Fan” on the Internet. I wonder if Varina “spoke” fan language? I bet she did. Here is some fan language:
To hold the fan with the right hand in front of the face means…follow me.
To hold it in the left ear…I want you to leave me alone!
To let it slide across your forehead…You have changed since we last met.
To move it with the left hand…You are imprudent.
To throw the fan…I hate you! (Remember, in Gone with the Wind, Scarlett threw an ash tray or something at Rhett Butler in the scene at Twelve Oaks when she had words with Ashley and Rhett was hiding behind the sofa)
To move it with the right hand…I love another.
To let it slide on the cheek…I want you!
To hold it closed…Do you love me?
To let it slide on the eyes…Go away please.
To touch the edge of the fan to your fingers…I want to talk to you.
And best of all, To hold the fan to the lips…Kiss me!