I came across a little paperback Cookbook among my deceased parents’ treasure trove of memorabilia.  It is called Deep South Cookery and Potables, by Margueritte M. Wright, and published by – yes it was none other than – Rebel Yell Publishers !!! I thought I would see if it was still available, and I found one copy on AbeBooks.com. 
It begins “The recipes in these pages have one thing in common: they are all strictly Southern, just as the Bourbon that brings them to you – Rebel Yell.”  The back cover says it all: “If you’re a Southerner, this is your whiskey” (picture of bottle) and below: “Sold only below the Mason-Dixon Line”. 
Since it was published 44 years ago  I guess its OK to share one of the recipes, giving full credit to Ms. Wright, so here goes, for the holidays: “Civil War Hot Toddy: Ingredients – 1 cube of sugar, 1 jigger Rebel Yell Bourbon, hot water, piece of cinnamon and twist of lemon peel. Directions – Dissolve sugar in a bit of hot water; add Rebel Yell Bourbon, then fill glass with hot water. Add stick of cinnamon and twist of lemon peel”.  
Reminds me of this slogan: Sure I cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food!!!