I do not have the stats on the current war dead but from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf War, my records show 1,330,057 dead. Of that number the estimate for the dead in the War between the States was 650,000 around 49%. All others beside the Civil War  680,057 (not counting, as I said, the current war)

Isn’t that amazing? The “uncivil War” aka the “late unpleasantness” was by far the most traumatic thing that ever happened to our great nation. That is why we commemorate the 150 year milestone, along with showing respect for our ancestors who fought so bravely.

And  Richard reminded us of a famous quote in one of his comments, “if we don’t study history, we are bound to repeat it”. Richard, I appreciate your comments, and the ones others have taken the time to write as well. I hope you blogger readers will take the time to read the comments. They are most interesting and informative.

I know wars are necessary but I wish we could be like that old spiritual song, “I ain’t gonna study wah no moah.”