Lots of things have been happening at the First White House of the Confederacy. First, we had our evening with David Bridges, an ordained minister, author and Professor  talked about and then signed and sold his new book, “Broken Circle”, As we had mentioned in previous blogs, the book was written  about his great-great uncle, Doctor James Breathed. At one battle, Dr. Major Breathed, who chose the cause of the Confederacy over medicine,   had four horses shot out from under him as he strove to save the cannon from the enemy.

Next came our annual Robert E. Lee birthday celebration with speaker Judge Mark Anderson. The Judge practiced law in Montgomery and was president of the Montgomery County Bar Association when he was appointed a Circuit Judge and served for eight years.  Mark has had a lifetime interest in history, particularly all things Confederate.

 Judge Anderson talked about the family of Robert E. Lee, and how he had to become the man of the house at an early age when his father deserted his family. It was a stirring message and I will share more about it in later blogs.

What else has been going on with us? The First White House has recently had a booklet reprinted to sell in our Gift Shop, titled “The Early Life of Jefferson Davis” by Walter L. Fleming.  Be sure and stop by and pick up a copy next time you are down our way. We are very excited about it. Stay warm and near the fire. Spring will be along soon!