With the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War at hand I thought you might like a list of the birth dates of famous CSA figures (actually it was on the back of the JD punch recipe).

Sept 7 – John Pelham (called The Gallant Pelham)
Sept 10 – (Fighting) Joe Wheeler
Sept 17 – Franklin Buchanan
Sept 27 – Raphael Semmes
Jan 14 – Mathew Fontaine Maury
Jan 19 – Robert E. Lee
Jan 21 – Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson – my personal favorite
Feb 3 – Sidney Lanier (my collateral ancestor by marriage)
March 16 – Nocola Marschall  March 31 – John Herbert Kelly
April 26 – Confederate Memorial Day
June 3 – Jefferson Davis

Now I am sure there are many others that are omitted, but these are who were on “this list”. If you have your own personal favorites, please make a comment.