This just came across the Internet. I have not checked it out, but I assume it is true. It tells about an “art appreciation” professor in Georgia that has had his controversial, interpretive (?) Confederate flag painting removed from an annual faculty art show at his college.

Images were painted on the flag. According to the article, and I quote: ” he said the painting does espouse a less-favorable view of the flag, but that’s what comes to mind when he thinks about it- images that result from what he learned of the South while growing up in Venezuela and also while in college in Texas”.

Hello – he goes on to say he wasn’t expecting that kind of feedback. What I want to know is where in the world has he been?

And all of that aside, the 38 years I was selling flag,s I always heard that it was incorrect to add anything to a flag of a state, nation, or whatever. Of course I realize this was a painting and not a real flag, but I think that the same principle should apply. You can’t imagine how many times people wanted to order a U.S. Confederate, State or similar type flag and have some lettering or design embroidered on it. Come on folks, it is not a tattoo, its a flag for goodness sake!!!