Oakwood is a very large and historic cemetery in Montgomery which began by donations of land from Andrew Dexter and General John Scott, founders of the city of Montgomery. The early part of the graveyard was known as Scott’s Free Burying ground. It now has an older part, which is all filled up, and a newer part including a Roman Catholic part.

Among the Confederate soldiers buried there are Brig. Generals James Holt Clanton, Samuel Dale, Brickett Davenport Fry, James Thadeus Holtzclaw and Tennent Lomax. I could and probably will write about each of them and their exploits.

William Calvin Oates Confederate Colonel of the 15th Alabama Infantry and later Governor of Alabama is buried in Oakwood.
Oates’ regiment led one of the charges at Little Round Top  during the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. His brother Lt. John  Oates was killed during the firing. I have seen the spot where  John Oates was thought to have died.

Another famous Alabamian William Lowndes Yancey is buried in “old Oakwood”. He was considered one of the “firebrands”, the men who wanted secession and convinced other Southerners to secede. He was a delegate to the Alabama Secession Convention in 1861 and served as a Senator from Alabama in the Confederate Congress from 1862 to 1863.

Varina Howell Davis’s father, William Burr Howell is buried in Oakwood. I have seen his grave.