Its all the news today, have you seen it? For 150 years the exact whereabouts of the stockade at Camp Lawton, a Confederate Prison Camp that was abandoned in 1864 has been discovered and dozens of artifacts have been found.

We have all heard about the infamous Andersonville Prison. Things got so bad at Andersonville that it was investigated by the Confederate War Department and they recommended that the majority of the prisoners be transferred to Florence SC or to Camp Lawton in Millen, GA.

 Camp Lawton was neither as crowded nor as well-known as Andersonville,  but at 42 acres it was physically the largest Civil War Prisoner of War Camp. It was hastily abandoned and the prisoners evacuated when threatened by General William T. Sherman’s march on Savannah.

Watch your news today and you will hear more about the uncovering of this site. I love history in the making, don’t you? I have always felt like a frustrated archaeologist, especially when I look in my attic!

Lots of books have been written about Andersonville…more later!