A few miles up the road from the First White House, off I-65 North is  beautiful Confederate Memorial Park at Marbury, Alabama. It is the site of Alabama’s only Old Soldiers’ Home for Confederate Veterans. In operation from 1902 to 1939 the home cared for elderly veterans and wives and widows of veterans.

At one time the 102 acre site included 22 buildings and served between 650 and 800 residents. The last veteran died at the home in 1934 and the facility closed in 1939 when the five remaining widows were moved to Montgomery.

There is a fine museum there that tells the story of Alabama’s Confederate soldier during the war and afterwards, including the veterans who came to live in the Old Soldiers’ Home. The museum houses civil war uniforms, weapons and equipment. The curator, Commander Bill Rambo is a giant of a man, elegant and articulate. He has labored diligently to make the Park and the Museum a top quality tourist site.There are walking and driving tours, nature trails and two cemeteries on site, as well as picnic tables for your enjoyment. If you haven’t visited, make that a top priority and you will be glad you did!