Here are a few comments that have been made recently by visitors and staff at the First White House of the Confederacy.
“Children love the First White House”

Groups of school children tour; later as adults they come through and say “I was here before. I remember coming with my class.”

“People from all over the globe visit the FWH. They are extremely interested in Southern History and are eager to learn what happened in Montgomery in the spring of 1861.”

“In the first seven months of this year we have had 11,054 visitors. 3522 of these were from outside Alabama and 334 from foreign countries. The First White House is a gem- please come and visit us.”

And as our former Regent Mrs. John Napier would quote her mother who would say “a house is never finished!” And another gem “Its not the outlay, but the upkeep”.

The First White House of the Confederacy belongs to the people of the State of Alabama. The White House Association tries hard to make sure that the “people” are not disappointed with what we do in taking care of this historic house.