As I wrote yesterday the Inauguration of Jefferson Davis took place in Montgomery 150 years ago yesterday, Feb 18, but today the Sons of the Confederate Veterans have organized appropriate events to mark the occasion.

People have come from all over the map, many of them stopping by the First White House of the Confederacy, from the great city of Richmond, Virginia, the home of the Second White House and Confederate Museum, all the way to California, where a delightful couple dressed as “President and Mrs Davis” came in period dress.

Today the First White House will be open all day for those wanting to visit. The events planned by SCV will feature a parade up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama State Capitol Building and a reenactment of the swearing in of President Jefferson Davis and a selection of speakers at the Capitol Building.

At the White House we have several new items for sale including a beautiful medallion which has been struck to mark the Sesquicentennial. More about all the above tomorrow. Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!