When visitors enter the First White House it is as if they were going back in time. They usually grasp the idea that they are involved in a moment of history and they stand a moment in the cool, darkish entrance hall and catch their breath before moving forward to sign the guest book and be greeted by one of the Receptionist.

 The entrance hall has a number of important items in it, including a portrait of President Jefferson Davis painted from a photograph of him taken in 1853 while he was U.S. Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce.

In the center of the room under the portrait is a mahogany couch that belong to President Davis when the Confederate Government was here. When the Capitol moved to Richmond, he gave it to his Private Secretary Alexander Clitherall. In 1986 Clitherall’s great granddaughter Eleanor Elsberry Flack gave it to the FWH.

We eagerly await YOUR VISIT !!!