I am just back from Atlanta, GA where I had the pleasure of visiting an excellent Civil War Exhibit at the Atlanta History Center in the Buckhead area near the famed Swan House. The exhibit, titled Turning Point: The American Civil War,  located in the 9200 square foot DuBose Gallery is one of the nations largest and most complete Civil War exhibitions.
To my amazement the collection includes over 1500 Union and Confederate artifacts, including cannons, uniforms, flags and many weapons, all in top notch condition. 
Highlights include the Confederate flag that flew over Atlanta at the time of the surrender; a Union supply wagon used by Sherman’s army, and a sword belonging to Confederate General Patrick Cleburne.

Cleburne was an Irish American soldier who served in the Confederate army and rose to the rank of Major General. Killed at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee on November 30, 1864 he was last seen advancing on foot toward the enemy with his sword raised after his horse had been shot out from under him.

When his body was found his boots, sword watch and anything else of value had been taken. I wonder how the museum got his sword? I suppose it was donated by the descendants of whoever might have confiscated it from the battlefield.

The final section of the museum exhibition explores how the Civil War continues its impact on us today. I highly recommend a visit to this museum, and don’t forget the Cyclorama, depicting the Battle of Atlanta is also a must-see in this charming capitol city.