There were seven Battles fought in Alabama, very few compared with other Southern States. Virgina, as we know had the most fought, with 122. We were most fortunate to be as far away from most major Campaigns as we were. Tennessee fought 38 and Georgia 27.  Another thing, all of ours were in 1863 and following, none during the first two years of the war.
The seven, in alphabetical order, were: Athens, in North Alabama, in 1864. Union victory;
Day’s Gap, at Sand Mountain in Cullman County, 1863, Union victory;
Decatur, part of the Franklin-Nashville Campaign, 1864, John Bell Hood. Union victory; 
Fort Blakely in Baldwin County, Mobile Campaign, 1865, Union victory;
Mobile Bay, 1864, fall of Fort Morgan, Union victory;
Selma, Wilson’s Raid, 1865, not even Forrest could prevent this from being a Union victory. Selma burned;
Spanish Fort, 1865, part of the Mobile Campaign, also a Union victory. UGH. Not looking too good for the home team here. In fact, it looks like a runaway for the bad guys.