Jefferson Davis was 53 years old when he was chosen  President of the Confederacy and moved into the First White House. Varina was 35. At that time they had three living children. Margaret, the oldest, was six. Jeff Jr. was four and Joe was two. Tragically, Joe died from a fall from the balcony in the Second White House in Richmond.

Varina made little Confederate Uniforms for the boys and they dressed up and played “soldier”.

Another son William was born in December of 1861 in Richmond. Winnie, who was always called the “daughter of the Confederacy” was also born in Richmond in 1864. Jefferson and Varina had another son, Samuel, born earlier, in 1852 but  sadly Samuel died of an unknown fever when he was two years old.

Varina always said she wanted lots of children playing in the yard (in Montgomery). She has her wish because the land on which the First White House stood (before it was moved in 1921) is now a Skate Board Park!!! Mrs. Davis would be very pleased!