On December 16,  I wrote about an age old controversy, as to whether Jefferson Davis was wearing Varina’s dress when he was captured or not, quoting an article by James Swanson in the American Heritage Magazine.

A most interesting comment came from a reader which I hope you will go back (to Dec 16 blog) and read. Reader says: Davis’s wife admitted that he was wearing her dress, his assistant said he was, and the soldiers who actually caught Davis said that he not only was wearing a dress when he was captured but that he went into a nearby tent and took it off and (amazingly) his wife put it on!

Way to go, reader, and thank you for your comments! Reader goes on to say that Variana tried to pass the President off as her Mother; that she wrote in a letter to the Blairs that she called out to the solders to leave Davis alone by saying “Its my mother”. Fascinating stuff.

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