Hello Readers,
On August 9th we will have been blogging for one year. We have had a total of 5,246 page views since we started  and  we have had hits from ten countries.

We have twelve “friends” and would like many more, so please join us if you wish. The most read post of all  has been “Descendants of Jefferson Davis” (Jan. 9, 2011) and the next most hits was “The Man and The Hour Have Met” (Feb. 10, 2011).

 In third place was “Doctors, Disease and Amputations in the Civil War” (Mar. 28,2011); then “Little Known Facts About The War” (Sept 20, 2010);  and fifth most popular was “Reenactment of Inauguration Day, Feb 18, 1861” (Oct 18, 2010).

What is your favorite, or what would you like me to write about? Please let me know. You may be interested to know that next to the United States, the most hits have come from United Kingdom, then Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Ukraine, France, China and Slovenia, in that order.