William Davis Hayes (later the family adopted the surname Hayes-Davis) was the son of Margaret Davis Hayes, daughter of President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America. Many of the Davis family heirlooms inherited and preserved by William Davis Hayes, are now in the collection of the First White House of the Confederacy, having been acquired after his death at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This wonderful clock which had been owned by  Billy, was given to the First White House by Dr. Craig Werner, whose parents Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Werner willed it to us. The clock is circular and has an ogee case surrounding a white face with Roman Numeral lettering, the hinged glass cover surrounded by a brass bezel.

 The face is inscribed: Made by the New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn. U.S.A.

On the back is the lettering:
 Eight Day
 6 Inch
  Yacht Lever Time Piece 
  New Haven Clock Co. New Haven, Conn. (etc).
 Also on that label are handwritten inscriptions: “(Symbols apparently ranch brands, which may be in part ciphers of his initials)”
plus: “1913   1908   1915   about 1920″
“Owned by Wm Davis Hayes. Ranch Swallows Colorado”

“Two Mainsprings S. No Striker. it fooled me too. I expected Ship Bells”

Mr. Werner says the clock traveled with Mr. Hayes to several ranches in Pueblo, Co. as he put the ranch brands on the back. It also shows a bit of his humor since he wrote on the back the part about “no strike, it fooled me too, I expected Ship Bells” !!!

This little clock is just one of our many, many treasured acquisitions because we have so many interested and generous donors.