I thought you would be interested in learning more about “Becoming Alabama”.

Becoming Alabama is a statewide partnership for the planning and promotion of commemorative activities to observe the anniversaries of three major periods in Alabama history: the bicentennial of the Creek War and War of 1812, which was pivotal in the formation of the state; the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, which began with decisions made in Montgomery by the fledgling Confederate government; and the ongoing fiftieth anniversaries of major events in the civil rights movement, which had its greatest struggles and achievements in the churches, streets, and parks of Alabama.

The concept for Becoming Alabama began with a pragmatic assessment of the financial and logistical challenges posed by this rapid succession of anniversaries over the next several years. Given the budgetary restraints faced by nearly every historical and cultural organization in today’s economic climate, it made sense to seek efficiency in planning public programs, designing publicity, and developing educational resources.

The effort offered more than mere efficiency, however. When considered from a broader perspective, the three periods under consideration offered a unified theme for understanding the political, social, and economic forces that shaped—and continue to shape—Alabama.

I have attended meeting in Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile. Each time I have put forth the plans and ideas that have come from the First White House of the Confederacy, so that other groups and agencies across the state could hopefully learn more about who we are and what we do.

I have also enjoyed learning more about what these other agencies and groups do and I have met many interesting people and am glad I had this opportunity to do so. Eva Newman, our FWH Staff Supervisor went with me to Mobile and she too enjoyed the interaction.