I haven’t seen anything in the Montgomery Advertiser about it, but the 150th commemoration of the Battle of Franklin, TN was held November 30, 2014. Did any of our readers go?
It reads as if the battle of Franklin, November 30, 1864, was doomed from the start. Confederate Lt. General John B. Hood, after failing to destroy the Federals near Spring Hill on the 29th,  led a frontal assault against the Federals the next day, but was driven back with heavy losses. There were over 6000 Confederate casualties, including six Generals dead, and four others wounded. To put it bluntly, the attack was a total disaster.
Why was Hood the one in charge? Had it just come down to that? I wonder? The upshot was this: The Army of Tennessee was all but destroyed after Franklin, but rather than retreat, Hood felt he had no choice except to advance against  the Union Army at Nashville. That also ended very badly as one might guess; the Army of Tennessee never fought again, and Hood’s career was ruined.
My heart goes out to the brave men that fought so valiantly with so little to show for it. I really want to read more about this particular battle and about Hood, so I can understand what happened and why.