The First White House of the Confederacy is so fortunate to have been given many personal items owned by either President or Mrs. Davis or the Davis family, and a number of them are in cases in our relic room.

One of the most striking things is an historic uniform made for and given to President Davis of cloth woven in Virginia. This grey uniform was presented by General Jubal Early. It consists of a coat, vest and trousers, all in mint condition.

 The case with his uniform also contains his smoking jacket of  grey tweed, lined in a tartan fabric. It has frog closurs and is a handsome and unusual garment, in excellent condition.Also in this case is his paisley dressing gown, lined in quilted grey silk 

Other things in the case are a backgammon set which was made on the Davis plantation at Brierfield, his broad brimmed sun hat, which he wore during his last years at Beauvoir, and a pair of shoes, high top slippers of pull on type, no laces.

 Tomorrow I will tell you about his sword, walking stick and rifle, also in this case. I know you want to come see these things and I hope it will be soon!