In the March/April issue of Alabama magazine there is a very nice article on the First White House of the Confederacy with beautiful photography, some by Robert Fouts of Montgomery and  one or more from the Historic American Building Survey..Counting the pictures, the article is an impressive five pages.
The lead photo is a double page black and white picture of the House in its original location that is breathtaking. The detail is unbelievable. One can almost step back in time and see Jefferson Davis striding out of the front door, or the children playing in the yard inside the fence.
There is also a fine picture of Jefferson Davis (a very handsome, forceful looking man); one of his bed with the original bed hangings that is amazing;  a beautiful one of the Cabinet Bedroom upstairs, and one of the dining room. (Robert took both of those).
The story is easy to read and interesting. Kudos to this beautiful magazine. Be sure and buy one at Capitol Book and News in Montgomery or in a bookstore that carries magazines near you! What great publicity for the First White House!