We invite comments from all our readers and we hope you will go back to our Dec 4 blog “Stonewall Jackson and His Christian Principles” and read Richard’s excellent comments.
It makes me so sad to think of what might have happened, had Stonewall lived (Richard says Gettysburg might have been avoided altogether),  but being a “Presbyterian” helps me to remember that God is in control of all events, and that for reasons yet unknown to us finite human creatures He did not want this Country to split into two, i.e. it was not His Will that the South win the war, as hard as that is sometimes to believe.
Of course slavery was wrong, and its abolition was a good result of a horrible bloody war,  but the north was culpable too. Our culture was locked into a system that we cannot begin to understand from today’s perspective. Slavery would have and should have ended without bloodshed as had happened in almost all the other nations of the world. Greed entered in – duh, doesn’t it always? When we say “its not about the money” it usually always is!
Bottom line: we weren’t there and we cannot with hindsight fix anything that has already taken place. We can learn from it though, can’t we? Who was it that said “if we don’t study history, we are bound to repeat it”?