I thought you would like to read this comment that we received from the website: This person says: “I had the good fortune of visiting the FWH when I was a child. I am now 36 and remember how amazed I was at the history I was inches away from. I have since that time read everything I could get my hands on about The War Between the States. I would like to thank you for lighting that fire in me so many years ago. I now have children myself and will be looking forward to sharing you with them”.

I am so glad she took the time to write and share this. It makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? I feel the same way myself. I have mentioned before, the impact that my father had on me, telling me stories about Confederate battles, that he heard from his “grandpa”.

 Another great influence on my life was going to the “Blue-Gray football game” as a child. I was such a southerner that I couldn’t stand it when the Blue team won!!! I did not realize of course that players from both teams came from all over the United States. They just “put on” blue and gray uniforms! I hollered my heart out for the Grays every year!

And of course there is the quintessential book, Gone With the Wind, and the movie. The influence it had on me was immeasurable. Whenever I went to Atlanta on the train, I felt like I was Scarlett O’Hara leaving Tara to visit Aunt Pitty Pat. I was in love with Rhett Butler and I liked Scarlett much better than  Melanie Hamilton!!!