Our blog about the descendants of Jefferson Davis has received more “hits” than any other subject so I thought you readers might also be interested in what I could find out about his parents and siblings..

His father was Samuel Emory Davis, born in Ga in 1756. He served in the Revolutionary War, so we know he was a patriot, as was his son, Jefferson. Samuel’s father was Evan Davis, Jr. and his mother was Mary Emory. I think it is extremely interesting that Jefferson and Varina’s first child was named Samuel Emory Davis, for Jefferson’s father. Unfortunately this firstborn son died at about age two.

Jefferson’s father Samuel married Jane Cook, who was born in 1760 in SC. Samuel and Jane were married in 1783 in GA. Their first child, Joseph was born in 1784. Joseph, much later became mentor to Jefferson, after their father died, as Jefferson was the youngest child, born in 1808. Samuel died in Miss in 1824. Jane lived until 1845.

More interesting facts about this family tomorrow. Please stay tuned!