On of my email friends suggested that I google “DiLorenzo and Lincoln.” which I have done, and want to share something of it with you. In yesterday’s blog, you may remember, I mentioned  DiLorenzo’s book, The Real Lincoln.

 Here is what Walter Williams, Professor of economics at George Mason University, said in his forward to DiLorenzo’s  book: “The War between the States settled by force whether states could secede. Once it was established that states cannot secede, the federal government, abetted by a Supreme Court unwilling to hold it to its constitutional restraints, was able to run amok over states’ rights, so much so that the protection of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean little or nothing today…”

Williams continues: “The Real Lincoln contains irrefutable evidence that a more appropriate title for Abraham Lincoln is not the Great Emancipator, but the Great Centralizer.”

Williams points what DiLorenzo documents – the obvious – the War between the States was not fought to end slavery. Why fight a costly war to end it, when it ended peacefully in dozens of countries around the world? It was only in countries such as Venezuela and Colombia that there was conflict, because slave emancipation was simply a ruse for revolutionaries. Hmmmm….I wonder?

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