This is from my friend’s great-grandfather’s War memoirs: “Sometimes when we located an enemy picket of good size and favorably situated, Captain E. or Captain S. would organize an ‘expedition’. Calling for volunteers he would pick out 20 or so. Then under cover of night…the squad would embark and row down the river, singing black spirituals, which all, being brought up on the rice plantations, we could do perfectly.

Presently ‘Who goes there?’  ‘Der, me mosser’. ‘Who’s me?’ ‘Kum from de Stewart. plantation suh’. ‘What you doing here’?  ‘We ain’t bin had no terbaker, suh, since the rebbel gone, an’ we brung sum chicken an’ aig fuh see ef we kin swop um, suh’.

‘What else you got?’ Sum bee-honey, suh, en crab-meat and rossin years, suh’.  ‘Well, bring your boat in and I’ll see what you got.’ By that time the flat had touched the bank, all the men, except one, had leaped out; before the sentry could yell he was felled and gagged. By the time the picket squad woke up they were all covered, tied, and they and all their outfit, guns, food, equipage, etc., transferred to the flat or boat, and by next morning all were back in our camp and we ate up their fine food, divided out the spoils and sent them to headquarters with our report.”

If anyone reading this, needs to have anything translated, please let me know!!!