Just read those famous words by Scarlett: “Fiddle-Dee-Dee! War. war. war, this war talk is spoiling all the fun at ever party this spring. I get so bored I could scream”. That got me thinking (dangerous).
Then in the mail came “The Statutes At Large of the Confederate States of America”, an 1864 manuscript generously donated to the First White House of the Confederacy by our good Southern friend, Richard Bowers in Ponte Vedra  Beach, Florida.
He has given this manuscript in memory of Whittington Lee Bowers, Richard’s beloved Grandson, who was the Great-Great Grandson of four Confederate soldiers: Major William H Foute I, Army of Northern Virginia, Captain W. H Foute II, 17th VA. Infantry, Pvt.Joshua Ramsay, 11th North Carolina, and Sgt. Russell J. Bates Phillip Lage, Georgia Calvary. (I may have misspelled some names).
Richard, we appreciate this so much and will place it with reverence and devotion in the Relic Room at the FWH. This is a valuable treasure, that Richard found in a Civil War Shop and purchased for us.
On the front it says: “Passed at the Fourth Session of the First Congress; 1863-4.  Richmond” I may add it is in mint condition. Richard and all, come to visit us and see it proudly displayed.