On June 27, 2011 in the Montgomery Advertiser, I read an article that the sunken Civil War submarine,  H.L. Hunley had at last been turned upright. The rotation of the 7-ton, 40-foot submarine to expose a side of its hull not seen since the War had not been tried sooner because preservationists first had to sift for artifacts in sediment within the sub, and deal with the eight sets of human remains.

For those reasons it was kept at the 45-degree angle in which it had lain on the ocean floor when it was raised in 2000.  Looking at the sub from the inside could not answer why it sank, according to Kellen Correia, executive director of Friends of the Hunley.

Maria Jacobsen, head archaeologist for the project says”…it is too soon to tell how the Hunley was forced to the bottom of the ocean along with her crew, but we are confident that we will eventually identify a cause”.

The Hunley, you might remember, sank the USS Housatonic in the north entrance of Charleston Harbor. After the conflict, the Hunley failed to return to its port, which placed its disappearance as one of the great Civil War mysteries.

 Eventually, after the preservation treatment is complete, the sub will be placed in a Charleston Civil War Naval Museum. I want to see it, don’t you?