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The Confederate Gold – What Became of it?

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I am sure there are mysteries surrounding every War, but the disappearance of the Confederate Treasury is a most interesting conundrum. Maybe some of you blog readers have your own theories about what happened to it, and I would love your comments. Lets go [...]

Upcoming Tour of Jefferson Davis Sites

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Bertram Hayes-Davis, a good friend of the First White House of the Confederacy, who is the great-great grandson of Jefferson Davis, and his lovely wife Carol, are leading an exclusive tour of Jefferson Davis sites along the Mississippi River aboard the [...]

Jefferson Davis in Montreal

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We recently had guests visiting the First White House of the Confederacy from Montreal, Canada who were surprised to find out that Jefferson Davis had spent time in Canada after the War. When they returned home they sent an interesting [...]

The Winter Building in downtown Montgomery

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A  June 22, 2014 article in the Montgomery Advertiser caught my attention. It was titled "Future should be bright for Winter Building," by Karen Pell and Carole King. I think all serious Civil War buffs know that the telegram that [...]

Questions and Answers About Jefferson Davis

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In the Rice University Papers of Jefferson Davis are some Frequently Asked Questions about Jefferson Davis. One of the first questions asked  was a simple one: When was he born? It is actually unclear as to whether it was 1807 or 1808. Davis [...]