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News About National Geographic geotourism mapguide

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Yesterday I attended a meeting about the new National Geographic Gulf Coast States new Geotourism Map Guide. 341 Alabama places are listed on this new interactive website at Sentell, State Tourism Director said "Partnering with National Geographic gives us [...]

April 12, 1865 Civil War Event in Montgomery

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On April 11, 1865  Federal troops known as "Wilson's Raiders" came to Montgomery. The city fathers, having no way to defend the city, agreed surrender. The next day, April 12, the order of Union General James H. Wilson, placing Montgomery under [...]

Annual Civil War Lectures to be Held at Univ AL

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On April 5th, 2014 the 18th annual John Caldwell Calhoun Sanders Lecture Series will be held at the University of Alabama, with several speakers giving lectures on the War, Confederate soldiers and the Confederacy. It promises to be a stimulating and informative [...]

Wood Engravings at the First Whiet House

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In our upstairs hall are a group of four framed wood engravings of historic scenes of Montgomery, Alabama at the time of the formation of the Confederate States of America. These four wood engravings came from periodicals of the period. [...]