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Bookcases by Thomas Doron At First White House

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 In the President's Study at the First White House we have a number of very important and significant pieces of furniture, not the leas of which is an  extraordinary pair of rare southern-made mahogany library bookcases, thought to have been made [...]

The Unique Education of Jefferson Davis

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The First White House of the Confederacy contains many books and pamphlets, one of which caught my interest "The Early Life of Jefferson Davis" by Walter L. Fleming, published by the University Bulletin of Louisiana State University, June 1917, reprinted by [...]

Jefferson Davis’s Last Visit To Mcon, Georgia

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In Varina Davis' wonderful Two Volume biography on the life of her husband titled "Jefferson Davis, A Memoir by His Wife" we read in the second volume about the Davises last trip to Macon, Georgia. I was extremely interested in this account since we [...]

The Orphan Brigade of Kentucky

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The Orphan Brigade was the nickname of the First Kentucky Brigade, a group of military units from Kentucky who fought for the Confederacy during the War Between the States.  Major General John C. Breckinridge, former Vice President of the United States, was the [...]

Jefferson Davis’s Early Life and Forbearers

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"The Early Life of Jefferson Davis "is a booklet I found at the First White House. It was written by Walter L. Fleming, published by the University Bulletin at Louisiana State University, June, 1917, and reprinted by Charles Estell Baker, D.D. in [...]

Civil War Carte de Visites

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The carte de visite was a small photograph, (2.5" x 3.5") mounted on a card,  patented in Paris by photographer Andre Disderi in 1854. They became very popular in Europe and then America, especially during the War Between the States, when soldiers and their [...]

George Washington Custis Lee

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Last time I blogged about the four daughters of Robert E. Lee and Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee. Today I want to share about George Washington Custis Lee, the eldest child of the Lee's. Known as Custis, this eldest son [...]