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Its Not The Heat, Its The Humidity

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On hot summer days we often say   "its not the heat, its the humidity", but at least we can escape to the comfort of our air conditioned homes, cars and offices. I remember as a child, growing up in Montgomery, Alabama in pre-air condition [...]

Vestiges of Belle–dom

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The antebellum period, Latin for "before the war", in America is sometimes thought of as the time after the American Revolution and before the Civil War. Others have marked it as between the war of 1812 and the 1861 period, according to Wikipedia.   Plantation [...]

Historic Scenes in Early 1861 in Montgomery

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Hanging in our upstairs hallway in the First White House of the Confederacy is a group of four framed wood engravings of historic scenes of Montgomery, Alabama, at the time of the formation of the Confederate States of America. These four wood [...]

“The Plantation World of Jefferson Davis”

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Hello all you Jefferson Davis devotees out there, wouldn't you like to take a tour of "The Plantation World of Jefferson Davis"?  I know I would, and here is our chance.The Thirty-Sixth Annual Antiques Forum of Natchez, MS is sponsoring a [...]

Exciting News About Blogging

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Exciting news to share - I am working on combining some of my blogs into a "Blog Book" that we will have available to sell either on line or at our Gift shop at the First White House. A friend [...]

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