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Mystery of First White House Quilts Park II

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  Yesterday I gave the background on the two quilts belonging to the First White House of the Confederacy, that we have just had conserved, the Gunboat Quilt and the Baby Quilt. The two quilts share many similarities and although that is not [...]

Star-Blocks Quilt Made for Jefferson Davis

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Yesterday I mentioned  a quilt made by Varina Davis, wife of President Jefferson Davis. Today I want to share information on a beautiful Davis Star-Blocks Quilt, made for President Davis by 15 women of Richmond, including Varina Davis. It too [...]

Did You Knowq…Varina Davis Was A Quilter?

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Did you know that Mrs. Jefferson Davis was an accomplished  Quilter? I suppose all the "Steel Magnolias" of her day learned to sew, but she seemed especially talented with her hands, as well as intellectually the equal of her famous husband.  One can view [...]

Search For Music to Song About General Lee

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A friend gave me a letter yesterday from her grandmother asking about the music for a song about Robert E. Lee (May Angels Guard Thee). If anyone reading this knows, or knows anyone that might know, please get in touch with me. [...]

Leonidas Polk, The “Fighting Bishop”

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Charles McIlvaine was the man God used in the life of Cadet Leonidas Polk, in a great movement of God at the US Military Academy. Here is what happened.  Polk, troubled with a problem of forgiveness, found a tract in a drawer [...]

Lee Faces His Defeat After Gettysburg

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On the morning of July 4th Lee faced his only choice, he must return to Virginia. But getting there was no easy task and would call on all of Lee's capabilities for leadership.  As they began their dismal retreat, the [...]

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