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What Happened on April 27, 1863?

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Today, April 27, 2014 I googled back 150 years to see what happened on April 27, 1863.. Union General Hooker crossed the Rappahannock River to attack General Lee's forces. This, as you probably know, resulted in the Battle of Chancellorsville.Lee split [...]

Streight’s Raid in Alabama Dismal Failure

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150 years ago, from April 19 to May 3, 1863, Union Colonel Abel Streight and his men attempted a campaign to destroy portions of the Western & Atlantic Railroad,  in order to cut Confederate supply lines. University of West Georgia professor Keith Hebert  spoke about [...]

“Follow the Money”

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The speaker at the Confederate Memorial Day Commemoration today spoke about the true cause of the War of Northern Aggression. He reminded his audience that in 1860 the South, with one fourth of the population of the country paid 80% of [...]

Is Confederate History Missing in Selma?

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Susan Hathaway of Sandston, Virginia has written an open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Selma, Alabama telling how disappointed she was when she arrived there and found the town almost completely void of any vestiges of its rich [...]

Did the Last Alabama “Real Son” Die?

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My good friend Murfee shared interesting information with me, some of which I blogged about yesterday, regarding the  remaining Confederate widow (or widows). He also shared  the story of Tyus Kirby Denney, a "Real Son," who died March 6, 2013 at the age [...]

Another Confederate Widow Surfaces

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When Alberta Martin died in 2004, she was believed to be the last Confederate widow. She lay in repose at the First White House of the Confederacy and was buried with full honors. But since then another Confederate widow has been located and [...]