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Jefferson Davis Sofa In the First White House

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Furnishings in the First White House of the Confederacy are of three types: they either belonged to the Davis family, were original to the House, or are of the 1850-1860 period. In the center of the front hall is the Davis-Clitherall mahogany sofa, circa [...]

Handguns During the War Between the States

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With all the media attention on banning handguns these days, I was interested in a recent article that said at the beginning of the War every well-armed Union soldier had a handgun on his person. However as the war progressed, most found [...]

Did You Know This About Nicola Marschall?

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I came across some interesting facts about Nicola Marschall, artist of the deep South and designer of the Confederate uniform and possibly the First Confederate flag. These were compiled by the Alabama Dept of Archives and History.1. He was born [...]

Jefferson Davis And His Enemies

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 The South was overwhelmed by the might of the North after four long, bloody years, and at the close of the war, Jefferson Davis was indicted for treason. A gentleman named Dr. Hart wrote that Chief Justice Chase, who presided at the trial, [...]

Slavery During the Civil War

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Slavery is sometimes called "an inevitable evolvement". I remember studying in school about the  "Trade Triangle" during colonial America. New Englanders would take rum to the West Coast of Africa where they would sell it and pick up slaves. They [...]

Last Casualty of The War Between the States

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 Cathy Wright, Curator at the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox is the  editor of  Lee's Last Casualty: The Story of Sgt. Robert Parker, 2nd Virginia Cavalry. The book is composed of the letters that this young Confederate cavalryman wrote to his wife Rebecca back [...]

Conscription During The Civil War

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I did not know until I read  recently that the Confederacy was the first to initiate conscription. Jefferson Davis proposed the first Conscription Act on March 28, 1862 and it was passed into law the next month, according to wikipedia, [...]

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