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Answers to Jefferson Davis Quiz Bowl

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You are a very astute Confederate if you answered all twelve correctly (see prior blog)1. West Point2. Mexican War3. Secretary of War under Franklin Pearce4. Montgomery, Alabama (we are known as the Capital of the Confederacy)5. Richmond, VA6. One Six [...]

Amazing Facts About the Confederacy

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Here are some amazing facts about the Confederacy which were gleaned from the Internet. I believe you will be as interested as I was to know: The states included in the Confederacy, in order of secession, were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, [...]

152 Years Ago Today…

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152 years ago today, Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as Provisional President of the Confederacy, on the front portico of the Alabama State Capitol, across the street from where the First White House of the Confederacy is located [...]

November 1863 Morning of Resurrection

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I read an article by Hong Min Zou, called "Resurrection Morn", from The Marks Collection, which was in our files (There are lots and lots of articles in our files at the First White House of the Confederacy. We have been [...]

The Confederates at Grant’s Funeral

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My  good buddy emailed from Decatur, Alabama:  "Have you written about Grant's funeral and the Confederates that participated"? Her question stirred my interest. I hope it does yours.I read that Ulysses S.Grant's pallbearers were William Tecumseh  Sherman and Phillip Sheridan, who had fought [...]

The Mystery of The Hunley

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Several books have been written about the Confederate ship H.L. Hunley, which sank in the waters off Charleston, 1864, after successfully sinking the Housatonic, becoming the world's first successful combat submarine. It was discovered in 1995 and raised five years later and  taken [...]

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