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Merry Christmas On December 26, 2012

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A Merry Christmas to all our readers, one day late. I hope your Christmas was as happy as ours was and that you were with friends and family and enjoyed commemorating the birth of our Saviour as much as we [...]

Christmas at the Confederate White House

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As our thoughts turn toward December 25th, you may wonder what went on at Christmas during the Confederacy. In this era of "plenty" we can't help but wonder how they "made do"  in the war-racked South.  There is a six page article [...]

Trace Adkins and the Confederate Flag Flap

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An article in Montgomery Advertiser on December 1, 2012 caught my attention. It was about Trace Adkins, Country Music Artist and Singer. He was performing at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony wearing an earpiece decorated like a (gasp) Confederate Battle [...]