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Gift Shop at the First White House

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We have an  awesome gift selection at the First White House of the Confederacy here in Montgomery. Our area is small but well stocked. We have a gold Christmas ornament of the First White House for $ 10.00 and lots [...]

Comparing Dolley Madison and Varina Davis

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I read an article about Dolley Madison, wife of the 4th President of the United States, James Monroe, and I was struck by the similarities between her and Varina Howell Davis, wife of  Jefferson Davis,  President of the Confederate States of America. Dolley and Varina both [...]

Give Thanks

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I am sure our Confederate Ancestors and others gave thanks every day that they were alive, and were not slaughtered in battle. Today (acutally tomorrow) we give special thanks as a nation, one nation under God. It made me think [...]

Deep South Cookery – Can You Say Rebel Yell?

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I came across a little paperback Cookbook among my deceased parents' treasure trove of memorabilia.  It is called Deep South Cookery and Potables, by Margueritte M. Wright, and published by - yes it was none other than - Rebel Yell Publishers !!! I thought I would [...]

A Little Story About The Old South

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Everyone likes a good story, don't they? I heard one yesterday that could have only happened in our beloved Dixie.. It seems a Yankee had been visiting in rural Alabama and the hosts had really "put on the dawg" for him, as [...]

Confederate Music, “Notes I Still Hear”

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The Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Montgomery Alabama,  has published a CD and songbook of Confederate Music. It is titled very appropriately, "Notes I Still Hear"and was written and published by the music book [...]

Lets Look Around

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I was trying to look at the First White House through the eyes of a tourist. One of the most beautiful rooms in the House is Mrs. Davis's bedroom. In it is a beautiful pine wardrobe, made by slaves and [...]