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Jefferson Davis’s Christian Testimony

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Since today is Sunday, The "Lord's Day", it seems appropriate to write something about Jefferson Davis and his Christian convictions. I read an article on the Internet about him by Michael T. Griffith, that spoke about the depth of  his religious faith.Griffith [...]

Comments on Lee and Longstreet

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Dear Readers, I invite you to read the two excellent comments from Richard and another friend on the July 20 blog regarding Longstreet and Lee. Such insightful comments on the two Generals and the battle of Gettysburg. It reminds me of [...]

Jefferson Davis, A Stellar Example to Emulate

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Hudson Strode, in his biography of Jefferson Davis wrote these words: "And Mr. Davis's private life, filled with family sorrows, personal distress and disappointment at every turn, offers a stellar example of the finest national qualities for future generations of [...]

Longstreet and Lee, The Tale of Two Generals

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A biographer of General James Longstreet, Jeffry D. Wert wrote that Longstreet was the finest corps commander in the Army of Northern Virginia. He said: "in fact, he was arguably the best corps commander in the conflict on either side." What [...]

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