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Jefferson Davis’ Early Years

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A small book, Victory In Defeat, by Tucker Hill is available throught The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. The subtitle is Jefferson Davis and The Lost Cause. In it is a brief paragraph quoting Davis, about his early years.Davis says: [...]

Ten Bloodiest Civil War Battles

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Are you interested in knowing which of the battles during the War Between the States resulted in the most casualties? Some may surprise you. They are as follows:1. Gettysburg (PA) victors, Union2. Chickamauga (GA) victors, Confederates3. Spotsylvania (VA) victors - [...]

The 5 Bloodiest Battles In History

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Every victory comes at a price. I was interested in seeing how the War Between the States battles shaped up against other famous battles. And guess what? Gettysburg is the 5th bloodiest battles in history, with 46,000 casualties, 23,000 on [...]

Confederate Landmarks in Montgomery, Alabama

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 One of the best known Confederate landmarks in Montgomery is the Alabama State Capitol,where delegates from seceding southern states convened to organize the Confederate States of America, and where Jefferson Davis was sworn in as Provisional President of the CSA.Another of course is [...]

Update on FCWH Blog

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I want to thank all of you for reading our blog. Our stats tell us we had 39 "page views" yesterday and 1,007 last month, and over 12,000 all time. Readers last month were from U.S, Russia, Brazil, Netherlands, Ukraine, Columbia, [...]

Confederate and Northern War Dead

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 What War would you guess more U.S. military died than any other? If you said The War Between the States, you would be correct.Here are the statistics: 1,330,057 died in 10 Major Wars through the Gulf War. Subtracting the 650,00 [...]

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