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Judah P. Benjamin, Confederate Statesman

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Richard told me about this excellent book about Judah P. Benjamin, often called "the brains of the Confederacy". Others blamed him for the South's defeat. He was born in the West Indies in 1811, the son of devout Jewish parents. [...]

Battle for New Orleans April 1862

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New Orleans was the strongest card in the hand of the Confederacy at the outbreak of the War. But early in the morning of April 24th Farragut ran past two forts and made a run for New Orleans.After a duel [...]

Visiting Confederate Soldier’s Grave

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Today I am going with cousins to Union Springs to visit our great-grandfather's grave. Colonel John Luther Branch was a professor at the Citadel in SC when he joined the Confederate Army.I have written about him before. He gave the [...]

Bloody April, 1862, The Battle of Shiloh

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Don't you wish you could have been there that April day when the massed ranks of Confederates appeared out of nowhere about 7 a.m., shouting the eerie "Rebel Yell"? They  easily  overran the outer Union camps, which were taken by complete [...]

Nathan Bedford Forrest Missing In Action

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General Nathan Bedford Forrest has made the news again! He seems to be a lightning rod, 151 years after the end of the "Civil War". Known as a self-educated and innovative cavalry leader during the war, he has become extremely [...]

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